Out With the Old

Wallpaper removal is a 3-5 day process and requires several steps to restore the walls back to being paint ready. The first step is clearing the area where the wallpaper is being removed. Next the walls are misted with warm water to soften the glue and then removed by our trained staff using a variety of tools. This process usually damages the walls. Once all of the wallpaper and the glue are completely removed, the walls are skimmed coated with a coat of drywall mud in order to restore rexobol them back to their original state. The drywall will then be primed to insure there are no imperfections in the walls. If we are applying texture to the walls then this will be the next step unless the walls will remain smooth. The walls are now paint ready.

Wallpaper Removal

Worker Peeling Off Wallpaper
Leave It to the Pros!

Don't Bother Trying to Do It Yourself

Removing wallpaper is a tedious task. We have ran into all types of roadblocks over the years so we have seen it all and know how to deal with each type of situation.