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We Hope You Hate Popcorn Too!

Popcorn removal is a one day process up to 3,000 sf. This service is offered in both residential or commercial properties that may be occupied with furniture or vacant of all items. There are preparations on the part of the customer for this type of project. If the project is occupied with furniture “All of the decorative items in the areas will need to be removed for the day”. The process begins with the floors being covered with a .6 ml vapor resistant plastic and walls being covered with .31ml painters plastic. The wall plastic is taped down to the floor plastic creating a bubble in the area with only the ceiling being exposed. Any and all fixtures in the ceiling are also covered: fans, speakers, lights, are also covered. We remove the A.C. vents in the ceiling as well. Once all of the required areas are covered and protected the ceilings are lightly misted with water to soften the popcorn. The ceilings are scrapped by hand with a 6″ or 10″ finishing knives attached to painter polls. Because the ceilings have been misted there is little to no dust as the popcorn falls like oatmeal stuck together. If there are any joints/seams that need new tape, we tape and mud them. If there are any loose drywall boards we screw them back up tight to the trusses. The ceiling is now ready to be sprayed with texture material.

The Ultimate in Ceiling Refinishing

Our Popcorn Removal Process

The many services provided by Texture's by Blue Sky,Inc., include, Popcorn Removal, Wallpaper Removal, Drywall hang, tap and mud, Drywall Repairs, Texture Patch & Match, Knockdown Application, Orange Peel Application, Level 5 Smooth Finish and Installation of Vinyl Bead board.
The customer will prepare the home prior to our arrival, so we can safely and efficiently remove the old dated popcorn ceiling.
Once the popcorn is removed, we address any significant issues or imperfections in the ceiling.
The knockdown texture can now be applied to the ceilings using a commercial spray rig.
The texture requires 48 hours to dry/cure. The ceiling is now ready to be painted. We recommend rolling the paint over spraying to assure all the nooks and crannies are covered and sealed.
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Before & Afters

We take extra precaution to make sure all of your belongings are protected


Room Draped with Drop Cloth
Room Prepped for Work
Installing Drop Cloth in Bedroom
Popcorn Removal Preparation
Protecting Table from Dust & Debris
Drop Cloth Taped to Ceiling
Kitchen Area Drop Cloth
Workers Protecting Room from Paint Splatter
Popcorn Removal Equipment
Employee Preparing Front Entrance
Worker Taping Ceiling
Wall Tape Clean Ceiling Line
What texture is your favorite? Knockdown
We specialize in Commercial & Residential ceiling popcorn removal and replacing it with all types of textures.
Once all of the prep work is done it is time get rid of the popcorn!

Removal of the Popcorn

Dirty Ceiling Removal Process
Removal of Ceiling Popcorn
Clean Ceiling Popcorn Free
Scraping Old Popcorn with Tool
Drop Cloth Protecting Bed
Long Pole Scraping Ceiling
Final Preparation on Ceiling
Spreading Drywall Compound on Ceiling

It's All About the Finish!

The texture material will set on the ceiling for 30-60 minutes before it is knocked. The texture material is knocked with knockdown knives and blades to achieve the new look. Then the items in the ceiling are uncovered, the wall plastic pulled down and all rolled up into the floor plastic and carried out to our service van. The new knockdown texture must cure/dry for 48 hours before it can be painted. Knockdown texture is NOT a finished product and must be painted to be sealed and finished. Popcorn removal is a messy job BUT if the customer does the proper prep work on their end, our crews can bag and protect correctly leaving a minimal amount of mess and a GREAT job.

No Popcorn Ceilings
Once all of the prep work is done it is time to spay the texture!

Application of Texture

Employee Spraying Ceiling Finish
Spraying Knockdown Texture
Fresh Knockdown Texture Application
Knockdown Texture Vaulted Ceiling
Applying Knockdown Texture
Knockdown Texture Spray Finish
Tape Removal After Knockdown Spray
Drop Cloth Removal After Spray
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