The Inn on Fifth Ceiling Repair
699 5th Avenue South Naples, FL 34102

The Inn on Fifth

87 guest rooms and 4 corridors.

General Contractor: CVC Hospitality
Subcontractor: Textures by Blue Sky, Inc.

Guest rooms:

Demolition-carpet, vanity mirrors, wallpaper in closets, mirror removal.


Patch hole in closet from safe removal, skim old mirrored bathroom walls, skim old vanity top surrounding walls, prep ceilings and walls, match skip trowel texture on ceilings and walls for paint ready finish.


Remove paper vigora 100 backed wallpaper, remove old pay phone machines, patch holes, skim walls for smooth finish, no texture.

Comfort Suites Ceiling Repair
5617 Major Blvd. Orlando, FL 32819

Comfort Suites Universal Studios

The owners of this hotel wanted to remodel all the hotel rooms, lobby, conference room, gym and corridors.

General Contractor: CVC Hospitality
Subcontractor: Textures by Blue Sky, Inc.


Interior of rooms- Carpet, trim and padding, plastic corner wraps, bar vanity (leaving underneath cabinets intact), approximately 8-10′ of header dividing room to be removed. Bathroom: egg crate and molding, double vanity counter top (plumbing lines cut prior by plumber), mirror over vanity. Corridors- Carpet, base trim, padding and tack strips. Plastic corner wraps, tile at elevator entrance. Lobby- all tile, carpet, carpet trim and padding.


Spray popcorn in all room ceilings where header had been removed to match existing popcorn that was left in place. Spray knockdown on walls where: all patches made, new header over closet door, new drywall on header that ran down from ceiling to floor where old section removed. Miscellaneous patches from wall sconces moved, outlets moved, etc.


New trench in lobby for electrical lines.

Clean up

All rooms had to be swept clean after carpet and pad removal with dust control. All corridors had to be swept clean after carpet, carpet trim, padding and tack strip removal. All doors, windows, trim, etc. had to be free and clean after texturing.


The main challenge was working with all the other trades on a very tight deadline. There was a two-week turnaround per floor. That was from full furniture liquidation to fully furnished and done units. We only had two elevators to use, neither of which was a over sized service elevator. The hotel was only shutting down one floor at a time so we had to work between hours of 9 and 5 and we only had one elevator.

Holiday Inn Express Ceiling Repair
1510 Aero Dr, Linthicum Heights, MD 21090

Holiday Inn Express BWI

Renovate all 159 guest rooms.

General Contractor: CVC Hospitality
Subcontractor: Textures by Blue Sky, Inc.

Guest rooms:

1. Remove wallpaper from all guest rooms
2. Address any mold behind wallpaper with bleach.
3. Seal any drywall with mold with a primer and mildicide additive.
4. Repair all walls, holes in walls, damaged drywall, so that ready for knockdown texture application.
5. Cover and protect ceiling, doors, windows and ptech units, sprinklers, smoke detectors, etc. from knockdown texture.
6. Spray knockdown texture on walls of room, orange peel on bathroom ceilings.

Hallways (5 corridors):

1. Scrape popcorn ceilings off half the hallway ceiling.
2. Tape, mud and finish new drywall hung on other half of ceiling.
3. Protect and cover hallway, spray knockdown texture on ceiling.


1. Hang three sheets new 5/8” moisture resistant drywall around tub.

Orange Lake Ceiling Repair
8455-8495 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee, FL 34747

Orange Lake Resort

Remove popcorn ceilings from 140 two bedroom villas at Orange Lake Resort and replace with knockdown texture.

General Contractor: Artistic General Contractors
Subcontractor: Textures by Blue Sky, Inc.

Scope of Work

Repair and re-texture all walls in units as needed from: electrical patch repair, t.v. mount repair, new sliding door installation, door knob damage to walls, etc.

Number of units completed 140

Number of units completed each week was 16 units in three days per week.

The Hilton Ceiling Repair
6633 Travis Street Houston, TX 77030

Houston Hilton Medical Plaza

6 corridors and 96 double room suite demolition and remodel in 4 months.

General Contractor: CVC Hospitality
Subcontractor: Textures by Blue Sky, Inc.

Hallway Demolition:

Removal all wallpaper, cove trim, carpet, tack strips, tile flooring, door drops over doors.

Room Demolition:

All popcorn ceilings removed, wallpaper removed, egg crates over vanities removed, carpet removed, window valance removed, blinds removed, carpet padding and tack strips removed, 3 wet walls surrounding tub removed, cove trim removed.

Hallway Remodel:

Install new drywall at door drops after new can lights/framing installed (not by textures by blue sky) skim hallway walls for new wallpaper back up (not textures by blue sky, inc.), skim ceilings for orange peel texture paint ready, install drywall AS needed from mold/damage, install corner bead as needed from existing damage. Ceilings to be paint ready with orange peel texture and walls slick ready for wallpaper, hallway floors clean and ready for new carpet/tile.