Frequently Asked Questions

How many days does the typical popcorn removal, application on knockdown texture and painting the ceilings take?

We can complete most jobs, up to 3500 total square feet, in one day.  After that, the texture needs 2 days to dry. Once the texture is fully dry, we will come back on the 4th day to paint. A total of 4 days with 2 of the days being dry time.

How do you protect the furniture in an occupied home?

We use 3.0 mil plastic to cover furniture and floors and .31 mil plastic for draping on the walls.  So all of your belongings are behind the wall plastic or underneath the floor plastic.  The best visual of this would be to watch our video on the home page.

Are you licensed and Insured?

Yes, we carry liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, commercial automobile policy, and an umbrella policy.  We are a registered painter, a State Certified Drywall Contractor and a State Certified Residential Contractor.

Is workers compensation insurance required?

Yes for our workers but Florida does allow exemptions for owners of a company. Please see FAQ’s on the Florida website for Workers Comp.

Do you use subcontractors?

No, all of our employees are legal and on our payroll.  We E-verify all employees to make sure they are legal and on our payroll staff.  By having all our own employees, we pay a lot more for our insurances BUT we control the production, quality and service in-house to keep your project on time and the best quality possible.

Is this a messy process?

If you do your part in preparing the house for our arrival, then we can cover and protect everything and keep the “mess” to a minimum.  You should not expect anything more then a good “spring cleaning” after we were done. Please see the video on our home page and read our prep and expectations sheets to see/know exactly what is required prior to our arrival.

What ceiling paint do you use?

We use Sherwin Williams HDTV ceiling paint.  True ceilings paints can’t be tinted.  If you still would like to pick a color, we would first need to prime your ceilings.  We would then return for a second day and use a wall paint with the color you chose.  Choosing any other ceiling paint or tinting a wall paint will incur additional painting charges/days so please check with the office if that is your desire.

What does a project like this cost?

Based on doing the entire property (no exterior areas, no garage), the cost can range from $1.00 to $1.50 per square foot for the popcorn removed and new knockdown sprayed.  The estimated cost of painting the ceilings is .75 per square foot based on total square footage of project. Contact us for an exact  quote. It includes the Sherwin Williams HDTV paint mentioned above.

Do you take deposits?

For projects less then $7500 we do not take deposits.  Full payment is required after each portion of the project to paid when that portion of project is completed.  Example:  Your popcorn removal is $2000 and your paint is $1500  you would pay $2000 after your popcorn is removed and then $1500 the day your painting is completed.

How long have you been in business?

We have been in Orlando since 2005 and Tampa since 2011

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